Thursday, September 18, 2008

twitter Updates and Revamps

"Retweet" blog posting about twitter's blog posting about twitter's new look...whew! heh.

twitter has updated and revamped it's look, kids. To you true beginners: now is a good time to check twitter out for yourself for the first time, as these are permanent changes. Regulars: check out the new digs!

The lowdown on what changed:
(courtesy of the official twitter blog entry about this)

1. Keeping Tabs
The tabs used for getting around the site and exploring your area used to be on top of your twitter feed, just below the status box. Now they're fanned-out down the right navigation bar like so:

2. Speed Demoning
The twitter team updated the coding on the page so that updates come via a programming system called Ajax. This allows certain elements of a page to update without reloading the entire page. Google's Gmail uses this, as do many other Web 2.0 applications.

3. Action Items
Action buttons like the "add as favorite update" star and the "reply to" arrow are invisible until you roll over the update entry.

4. Slim & Trim
Aesthetically, twitter has trimmed the fat (NO, I did not just call you fat, twitter!) and streamlined its

5. Design Stars
twitter also added a new custom design features allowing greater access and options:
6. Archive THIS
The Arcive tab was completely removed.

All in all, the changes seem pretty far!
~Happy Tweeting